Sunday, July 15, 2012

Texas Labor Law Posters: What They Do For Employees in Texas

Do you live in Texas?  Are you employed?  Then the information contained in this article is just for you.  Odds are, if you have ever been hurt at work, harassed at work, laid off or wanted to know what the minimum wage was, you have looked at what is called a labor law poster.  A Texas labor law poster is going to be different from a labor law poster from another state due to different states having different labor laws.  Your employer will generally have one available and will display it in a high traffic area such as a cafeteria or a break room.  These posters have very valuable information on them that you can refer to at anytime.  The posters themselves are usually 24” x 36” and laminated.  You can usually buy one from your state for a fairly low price.  Most labor law posters are sold from $6.00 to as much as $30.00, depending on the states and the types of posters

Your Texas labor law posters will have several blocks on it with different information in each box.  The amount of information on the poster is incredible and not something you will be able to memorize, however, if you need to know your state’s unemployment laws, smoking laws, workman’s compensation laws, payday and pay frequency laws, discrimination and harassment laws, occupational safety laws or even some of the equal opportunity laws, these can all be found on the poster. 

If you have special questions that are not answered on the poster itself, you can always see a member of your company’s human resource department.  These are the individuals who will be enforcing or regulating the laws mentioned on the poster.  Your human resources department is a division of your company that handles payroll, hiring, layoffs and terminations, health care benefits, vacation time and scheduling of vacations as well as your tax documents and tax exemptions.  These people are very knowledgeable of anything having to do with labor laws displayed on the poster and can help you in anyway if you have a certain question that you can’t get the answer for on the poster.  Your company has hired them to help their employees with these types of situations, so it is recommended that you be sure to seek them out if needed.  Hopefully your employment is not clouded with bad situations and you only need their services for payment.

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