Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What You’ll Find On A Florida Labor Law Poster

A Florida labor law poster is required by law to display to all employees in a bare or in convenient place, certain tenets as well as laws that show the worker’s rights in their place of work. Several companies produce such posters for employees with vibrant color and lamination to safe-guard from deterioration. Safety posters also contain OSHA (the Occupational Safety & Health Administration) requirements for safety and health in the work place. A quick rundown of what you’ll find on a Florida labor law poster is worth knowing. However, simply knowing what is to be found on such a poster is not sufficient for those employed in Florida; it is recommended that you find this poster in your place of work and read it in detail. Know your rights as a worker.

Minimum wage, equal opportunity employment, compensation for unemployment, workers’ compensation, child labor laws, payday notices and emergency numbers can all be found on most Florida labor law posters. It is also likely to find OSHA’s safety poster nearby or, room permitting, printed on the same poster. Two federal postings that may also be found are details on the Employee Polygraph Protection Act and the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Minimum wage potentially changes yearly, and it is likely new posters will be needed or updates made to existing posters to keep the rising minimum wage current. Protecting workers against discrimination, ensuring they are compensated if laid off or injured at the work place and details provided concerning the amount of work a minor can do in a day or a week are all detailed on the poster in the appropriate places. Also available are processes, phone numbers and state contact agencies to get a hold of if you feel any of your worker’s rights have been violated. Some of these instances must be reported within a set time-frame, generally one year, so it is wise to file a complaint or make a report as soon as possible.

Purchasing these posters provide some leeway as far as basic design and size, but content will rarely be different from one poster to another. Sizes and prices can vary, especially if you factor in add-ons such as laminating, color or framing. Generally they can be found for less than fifty dollars and typically can be ordered in a variety of languages. In Florida, it is mandatory that they be posted in plain, un-obstructed sight in both English and Spanish.

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