Sunday, July 08, 2012

California Labor Law Posters And Federal Labor Law Posters

If you are operating in the state of California, it is important that you follow federal labor laws as well as California labor laws. The labor laws state that companies must display both Federal labor law posters and California labor law posters on their premises if they want to be compliant with the United States’ labor laws. There are two sets of labor laws in the United States – the federal and the state that the company is operating in.

It is, however, more complicated than it appears in the previous paragraph. There are various laws and regulations as determined by federal labor laws and states labor laws, and not all of them are relevant to each individual company. Therefore, companies operating in the state of California must be careful to only display those federal labor law posters and California labor law posters that are relevant to their specific company. In addition, the labor laws under the various states change regularly. Most states in the United States change their respective labor laws once a year. Therefore, companies must make sure that they have the most up to date labor law posters on display. This translates to changing the posters on a yearly basis. However, the federal labor laws do not change quite as frequently, so companies need not worry about changing the posters as regularly. Even though the federal labor laws do not change that often, companies still must check on the laws periodically to guarantee that they have the most updated version of the posters on display.

This is where companies could consider engaging the services of a printing company. Even though the labor department’s website provides free posters in the digital format for companies to download and print, relevant personnel in the company still spends a significant amount of time locating, downloading and printing the relevant labor posters. Additionally, the personnel spends precious time continuously checking for updates. Checking for updates is not a one-time job for companies, since someone must check the websites regularly for the newest update to print and display in the companies’ premises.

Most printing companies provide choices for their customers. Customers can choose either a laminated version or a non-laminated version.  In addition, customers have an added choice of personalizing their posters by adding their company’s logo and/or name to the posters. Using a printing company definitely results in less time spent on the posters, as well as, guaranteeing more professional posters for display.

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