Sunday, July 01, 2012

What Do We Need Labor Law Posters For?

One of the regulations stated by the agencies within the prestigious Department of Labor is that the notices displaying the labor laws must be posted in all enterprises. The Department itself provides the electronic copies. The purpose of making it mandatory to display the labor laws in all offices and workplaces, is to create awareness among the employees about their rights and how to complain directly to the government agencies in the case of facing problems such as the wage and hour violations, discrimination, or the transgression of their rights in any other form. 

Like in any other state, in Arizona there are two kinds of the labor law posters, the first one that falls under the category of State laws and the other under the Federal laws which are commonly known as the Federal labor law posters. Some of the decrees included in the Arizona labor posters are the unemployment compensation, memos, the safety and health protection of all the workers within the company, the prohibition of discrimination among the employees, the right to work, minimum wage of the employees, the notice for prevention of smoking in the premises of the workplace, constructive discharge and the work exposure to contagious ailments such as TB or meningitis.

While the state labor law posters cover only the regulations specific to a particular state, the Federal labor law posters cover all these regulations and more. They include the opportunities for employment, minimum wage, the military leave act, family and medical leave act, UERRA, OSHA, workers payday notice, employee polygraph and the INS Anti-Discrimination act.

However different the federal and state law posters might be, they both serve the same goal which is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the corporation. The posters of both kinds remind the employees of the regulations made by the government of their state and country that must be followed at all costs. To ensure the proper working of any enterprise, the satisfaction of the operatives is the basic requirement.

And these posters work to abolish any fear in the employees that their rights might be transgressed in any way, as they encourage the workers to report to the government agencies if they face any problems. Moreover, another reason why the Department of Labor insists that these posters be displayed in such a place that all the workers can easily view them is that these posters remind the workers of their responsibility which create a healthy working environment.     

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