Sunday, August 28, 2011

Enforcing Labor Laws and their Posters

The basic factors responsible for enacting labor laws and their requisite labor law posters is the need to improve upon unsatisfactory level of overall benefits derivable by employees from the work they engage in. If existing terms, conditions, and standards of service of all employees in the labor market are averagely satisfactory before the introduction of all the sets of labor laws and posters, there would not be any need for ensuring and mandating all employers of labor to stick to laid down stipulations as to how to treat their workers.

There are various labor laws and corresponding labor laws posters by the federal, states, and other local authorities that are expected to be mandatorily observed by all employers and employees affected by such laws and regulations. These laws and posters by themselves does not achieved the desire ends of safeguarding and protecting the rights and interest of the employees, it is only the administration and enforcement of such laws and labor laws posters by well empowered agencies to implement the achievement of whatever penalties and other stipulations that will lead to the standardizations of labor employment relationships between employers and employees.

The body responsible generally for the administration and enforcement of all the federal labor laws and their posters is the United States Department of Labor, with specific responsibilities for particular labor laws and the accompanying federal labor laws poster given to different agencies of the Department. For example there is the Hour and Wages Division that is responsible for administering and enforcing all labor laws posters dealing with minimum wage and benefits, the Office of Occupational Safety and Health Administration which administered and enforces all the labor laws posters relating to the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

States also have their own different departments and agencies responsible for administering and enforcing different states labor laws posters. Like the State of New York labor law poster that is enforced and administered by a commission set up for such purpose, while the Florida labor law poster is administered and enforced by the Florida state Department of Labor.

Other agencies for the enforcement of labor laws posters can be found at other local levels like counties and districts. The idea behind this is to have adequate well organized, staffed, and equipped systemic organizations to sufficiently deal with any lapses that may arise from the implementation of all the labor laws and their accompanying labor laws posters in every nook and cranny of the nation .

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