Thursday, August 04, 2011

Understanding The Dilema Of Federal And States Labor Law Posters

Hearing about the sets of different labor law posters from the federal and states sides may give an idea of complicating conditions to be met to satisfy diverging ends. It may look as if the federal government is setting sets of conditions to be met by all parties concerned, while the states are setting their own different sets of conditions that may be at cross purposes to that of the federal.

Rather than been contradictory and conflicting, the federal and states labor laws and posters are complementary and meant to serve the same purpose of enshrining the best workplace conditions attainable in the society. The federal government provides the broad laws and guidelines for meeting satisfactory minimum conditions across the length and breath of the nation, while individual states provide localize conditions for their specific states. All these are lump together to arrive at aggregate labor posters that must be posted by all employers that are covered by such laws and regulations for the benefit of the employees.

A state like Texas have it own set of state labor law posters that arises from the state’s labor laws and regulations which are combined with all the federal labor law posters applicable to arrived at the full fledge labor law posters applicable in the state of Texas. The combined federal and labor law posters can be produce together as a single document or separately as the need and taste may demand.

The Texas labor law posters requirements include Payday Law, Child Labor Law, Employee Rights are Protected, The Law in Texas, and Workers’ Compensation that are set and enforced by the state Department of Labor. All these are added to the federal labor posters like Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law, Federal Minimum Wage, Employee Polygraph Test, Payday Notice, Family and Medical Leave Act, IRS Withholding Notice, Veterans Benefit Improvement Act, OSHA It’s The Law, and INS Discrimination to arrived at the applicable labor law posters requirements for Texas.

The agencies of the United States Department of Labor that is responsible for enforcing the labor law posters have regional and field offices across the country to further enhance their services that are complemented by agencies of the states.

For the average man on the street not to get confused by all the sets of laws and regulations been thrown at him or her, you have it at the back of your mind that the state labor law posters is an extension of the federal labor posters.

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