Monday, August 22, 2011

Methods to Maintain Safety in Workplaces

Every business has to face many potential dangers in their workplace; among them, the risk that receives great attention from the business owners is fire. Consequently, all possible measures are taken in order to ensure that every possible fire is under control. Besides fires, other incidents happened in different workplace can lead to bad consequences as well. For example, injuries of employees may cause their companies lose millions dollars for compensation, fines, insurance as well as the business loss.

Actually, potential hazards can be avoided or kept to a minimum if the business owners pay great attention to the methods to control them. Among those methods, displaying safety posters in the workplace is the easiest but most effective method to do. The state and federal labor law posters mandate that it is the responsibility of business owners to showcase the posters in the most visible locations so that the posters are within the sights of all employees and employees can read them at least once a day.

Apart from the two required labor law posters above, the business owners will then be free to choose the safety posters that match their business conditions. The contents of the safety posters are diverse so it is normally easy for employers to choose suitable ones. Most employers categorize safety issues from the most general to more specific topics. Broad and general topics are fire prevention, electric shock first aid procedure, etc. Smaller topics can include PPE requirements or safety tips.

The next method that helps employees raise their awareness of maintaining safety in the workplace is to let them attend safety training courses. These courses will bring them practical experience on how to react when incidents suddenly occur. For example, in the buildings of all companies, there are fire prevention poster which is accompanied with fire hose and fire extinguishers. That is not enough for keeping the workplace safe because there are still many employees who just take the poster for granted and do not really read about what are written there. However, a safety training course which focuses on the fire prevention will help to reinforce what the employees have read. The content of a safety training course on fire fighting may include:

* Ways to raise an alarm
* Proper actions to contact the brigade
* Proper ways to handle with fire fighting equipment
* Ways to identify the exits
* Responsible people to be reported to

In short, for a workplace that is free of risks and dangers, every method should be done in advance. Every employer should be aware of the importance of the presence of the labor law posters as well as holding safety training courses

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