Monday, August 15, 2011

Set it up with a Dozen Farm Workers

The days of an individual or a group of workers arriving at a farm based in California to be given work on the farm according to the whims of the owner of the farm at whatever conditions he wish are gone for good.

Given a situation whereby an agricultural contractor decides to import some men to a farm in California, to be employ as workers on a farm. In the old days, the simple thing is for such contractor to negotiate an agreeable wage rate that is acceptable for the men with the owner of the farm, after which they assume work at the farm. But in the present age of labor laws and regulations binding every sector of the economy of a state, as well as that of the nation accordingly to strict compliance to laid down sets of conditions on employment, workers cannot just be wheel into a farm easily for an impromptu engagement of work without complying with the labor laws and regulations that are applicable to such mode of work.

For the men to be successfully engaged as agricultural workers on the farm in any part of California their employer will have to meet those federal and states labor laws stipulations for the class of agricultural business that his farm fall into, which are enumerated in the federal and state labor law posters in respect of such laws and regulations.

Some of the important requirements to be met by the employers include the federal posters that deal with agricultural work like the Seasonal and Migration Agricultural Labor Laws poster, The Fair Labor Standards Act labor law poster, the Minimum Wage labor laws poster, and Child Labor poster. Apart from meeting the standards set by the federal government, the farm employer will also need to fulfill the obligations set by the California state labor laws and regulations, which are cover by various California labor law posters. Such posters includes but not limited to the California Consolidated Wage-Hour and Working Conditions Poster, Agricultural Occupations (Wage Order 14); The Farm Labor Contractor-Statement of Pay Rates; Harassments and Discriminations Prohibition poster; The Child Labor poster related to those parents with children working on farms.

It is only when all these conditions and others not mentioned are met that the employer can employ and continue to retain the services of the employees according to the laws and regulations of the land that host both the employees and the employer, including the workplace that keep them together.

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