Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When Should You Update Labor Law Posters?

If you are the owner of a business, then you will understand that you are required to display state and federal labor law posters as well as other safety posters in your workplace so that every of your employees can see and read them during their working hours. The contents on these posters are diverse, ranging from minimum salaries law, non-discrimination notices to unemployment and insurance concerns. Putting up posters is not a difficult task for most employers, but keeping them up to date can be a big problem. Many employers are not really keen on updating these posters because this wastes their time and money. Moreover, putting up different sets of notices together on the wall will make their offices look untidy.

Understanding this situation, many publishing companies produce labor law posters which contain both the state and federal laws on one single poster or just two ones. These posters do their jobs very well. They help to save the space of the offices; meanwhile enable businesses to stay in compliance with labor laws. However, employers should be aware of some companies which market their labor law posters by email because these companies often suggest you replace your labor law posters. Some of these kinds of companies can mislead you and waste your time as well as money.

Another scam that employers should know is contained in a mail that is sent to them, too. This mail imitates the form of an official-looking document, which states that the business need to update its labor law posters immediately; otherwise they would have to face a government fines of up to $17, 000 as well as other bad consequences.

To avoid this scam, employers should pay close attention to mails which contain texts like Notice Number or a Reply By date as well as other phrases that make them sound like an official warning. When you suspect an email, take time to see whose that mail actually belong to. Some of the phrases that can help you realize that is only a sales letter are: poster service, compliance service or the address does not locate in your state. One more clue that helps you stay away from these kinds of mail is that the mail guides you the procedure to order labor law posters.

Contacting the labor department is always the safest method to check if there are any latest amendments in the labor laws. New years doesn't mean that you need new posters. The only reason for you to change them is the state and federal laws require you to do so.

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