Sunday, August 14, 2011

Say What: Labor Laws Notices or Posters

Labor law posters are instructions or conditions to be met by employers that are specify according to the various labor laws in standardized printed format that are to be posted or displayed at prominent areas of the workplace, which are frequented by workers and applicants for such employees or interested applicant to be well aware of the terms and conditions guiding the work they are or will be performing according to the relevant laws.

There are two different types of labor law posters or notices as they are sometimes refer to. We have the federal labor law posters that emanate as a result of federal government labor laws that are administered and enforced by different Agencies of the Department of Labor. And the other sets of labor law posters are the state labor law posters which come out of the various labor laws of different states of the union that are administered and enforced by different specific states departments and agencies.

While the federal government laws as it affect such labor laws posters supersede the state labor laws and their states labor laws posters, both are complementary and are meant to serve the same purposes of enhancing the welfare and wellbeing of the employees across the length and breadth of United States of America.

The various labor laws posters can be printed as a stand alone poster, or as a total labor laws poster comprising all the aggregate labor laws posters applicable to a particular category of employers. It is also worth noting that a single federal or states labor laws poster may not be applicable to all employers since all labor laws posters are not meant for all categories or all the different sets of employers and employees.

The labor laws posters that have the largest and almost universal application are some of the federal labor law posters like the Minimum Wage poster and the Fair Labor Standards Act poster.

States labor law posters also varies based on different labor laws that addresses localize conditions in different states. The Florida labor law poster like the Boward County Living Wage poster and the Workers Compensation Insurance poster are good examples.

The federal and states labor laws posters covers all areas and aspect of the employment system according to all the diverse and complex labor laws of the nation for the benefits of enhancing, safeguarding, and protecting the workplace for the betterment of all the stakeholders, namely the employees, employers, and the society at large.

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