Sunday, August 07, 2011

Workplace Safety Posters - What Should You Post?

Many people do not realize the significant importance of workplace safety posters until accidents happen. Safety posters can make a workplace greatly different from other workplaces which there are no posters. The biggest difference is that these posters can help to decrease the possibilities of accidents. In a workplace, accidents often occur because of human errors so with the presence of safety posters, employees will be prevented from doing unsafe actions that may lead to hazards.

It is undeniable that the presence of these workplace safety posters contributes greatly to reminding employees about dangers and risks that may happen anytime. Important safety messages are conveyed through simple words and attractive designs. No laws force you to design the posters in their required ways so you are allowed to use your imagination to create eye-catching posters for your workplaces.

However, prior to designing, you must make your decision on what to post on those posters. Besides the two required posters which are named as federal labor law poster and your state labor law poster, you are left free to create safety posters. Are you getting stuck in mind on what to post? In this article, I'm going to share some of my ideas on creating the content for safety posters in workplaces.

Firstly, the posters can be warnings which warn people about potential dangers. Each area in your workplace will need different warnings because each area has its own potential risk.

Posters can offer tips to help employees stay safe. If choosing this kind of posters, you should add funny pictures or cartoons to make the posters more vivid. For example, in a poster used to recommend bike safety tips, the makers print the image of the Scruff riding a bike. Below the picture of this cartoon character, the makers suggest that "Always use correct hand signals while riding your bike".

My next suggestion for the content is the use of protection equipments. These posters, like the above ones, should have pictures to illustrate. Some examples of this kind of posters are "Hard hats required" or "Eye protected area".
The next idea is for posters used to remind employees about dangers if they do careless actions.

Posters can be about real statistical data, too. This kind of posters is really useful for being displayed on roads. Real statistics will be the strongest means to alert people of bad consequences when they drive carelessly.

Another possible content to be placed on posters is about electrical safety concern. Electrical incidents are among the most potential hazards that exist in a workplace. It is essential that each business has this kind of posters.

If you are not satisfied with any of the suggested topics above, then you can get on the Internet and there are various ideas and suggestions there.

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john said...

Posters can indeed be a great way to remind the workers about the different safety and hazards at work. Having the right workplace safety training is also a very important thing not to miss in a workplace. You can miss the posters but you cannot miss the right training for your job.