Sunday, August 07, 2011

Meeting Special Interest of Labor Legislation

There are some set of laws that are specifically fashion out to cater for need of special interest groups in the society. These laws are meant to safeguard the opportunities available for these classes of the society that would otherwise be neglected if left unguarded.

These laws grant the privileges to these special interest groups in the form of employment opportunities, certain rights as to their conditions of service, medical and leave opportunities. Hence, the labor law posters that goes with such laws for the benefit of those involved.

On the federal labor law posters, there are some laws that has general application nationwide for the envisioned categories of workers such as: Employee Rights for Workers with Disabilities/Special Minimum Wage Poster, Uniform Service Employment and Reemployment Right Act that provide for some who serve in the armed forces to be reemployed by their former employers, The Black Lung Benefit Act which give monthly cash payments and medical care to those miners disabled as a result of pneumoconiosis, Family and Medical Leave Act that requires some employers to give up to twelve weeks leave to qualified employees for the birth and adoption of a child as well as the illness of the said employee or his family member, Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural worker Protection Act that prescribe housing and transportation safety standards as well as wage protection.

The state labor law posters of some states also have those that are made to cater for the special interest or circumstances of some group in the workforce. The California labor law poster on Pregnancy and Family Leave Notice, and the Ohio labor law poster on the Minor Labor Law are instances of such category of meeting isolated needs of some specific workforce. The state laws are meant to provide additional supplementary backing for those of the federal, and to further cover those indigenous areas not adequately covered other laws and regulations.

The essences of all these laws that result in such posters is to adequately addressed the special needs and circumstances find wanting so as to provide them with the best opportunities and services needed. One cannot but imagine what would have happened if these sets of peculiar interest groups’ needs are left exclusively to the vagaries of the forces of free market without corresponding legislation. Hence the need for such laws is highly justify for the betterment of the society.

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